Monday, June 10, 2019


Judge not lest you be judged. Condemn not.Remove the log before offering to remove the speck.

God has been convicting me relentlessly over these verses.

I have caught thought after thought of senseless judgement:

the way they dress

the way they drive

the groceries in their cart

the extravagance clearly spent on their appearance

their fakeness

and on, and on. And, shamefully, most of that was at church (well, not the groceries).

Yes. When my focus should have been solely on worshiping the God of the universe, the God who has forgiven me my sins at the cost of His own son's life. Just then, I felt the need to nitpick over trivialities of those around me. Worse yet, I passed judgment on things I could not even see or know to be true! Awful.

Thankful for friends who know this about me and still love me.
Thankful for friends I can share this raw, ugly truth about my thoughts.
Thankful for friends that challenge me to keep after this sin in repentance, confession, and surrender.

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