Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why is there anything good in the world?

Thinking today during my quiet time.

Praying for friends that are hurting, aching their way through times of uncertainty and grief.

The too often asked question came to mind: How can a good, sovereign God allow suffering in this world?

Now, in one brief blog post I do not deceive myself into thinking I can completely refute this challenge that has driven people to atheism and blasphemy for millennia. And, likely what I write someone else has written at some point in time ("I dunno if I ever had an original thought" -- in the witty lyrics of the Newsboys), but God washed this truth over me afresh today.

Reading through the life of Rehaboam after the misery that came near the end of their lives for both David and Solomon, I wondered again about the evil that befalls even God's people.

Suddenly the question twisted in my mind, "Why is there anything good in the world?"

Every good and perfect gift comes from above. The only reason we enjoy any blessing, goodness, and hope is because God has not completely left us to our sinful humanity.

Praise God for his daily renewed mercies. His compassion protects from the flames of hell yet another day for those who have rejected Him. His love allows us to see another day to pour out on others that need to change their heart before they leave this earthly shell behind.

The suffering is just a growing reminder that our time is short, we cannot put off sharing our faith, speaking the gospel, scattering the seed.

Suffering also reminds me of His goodness and all He saved me from. I deserve none of the goodness, yet He loves beyond reason.

God is good, all the time.

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