Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Creating Christmas memories

When we first started creating Christmas traditions in our home, we largely copied ideas from our childhood homes or other homes we had visited. Of course, this was long before Pinterest, so we had to actually see the idea or clip it from a magazine. No virtual "pins." 

We first decorated our tree with mostly ball ornaments and color chasing lights. An artificial tree that served us very well for many years. These little skiers appeared early on and they spin, too. Something we sought out after seeing moving ornaments on someone else's tree.

All these ideas and plans began to become our own. Stockings filled the night before. Staying up late on Christmas Eve just enjoying the lights and each other's company. Driving around and looking at lights. Finding our style, and taking our own sweet time about it.

As each year goes by we add, remove, and alter our traditions. I am reminded that it is never too late to start a new tradition. That's a conversation I want to have with my family again soon, any new traditions to incorporate into our Christmas? As long as it remains ultimately His Christmas, there is room. And, if it is detracting from the celebration of Christ, maybe it is time to remove it, as hard as that might be..

One of our longest standing traditions is buying new ornaments for each person each year that we open on Christmas Eve. The ornaments have such stories to tell, so they will be the backbone of my posts this holiday season.

Treasuring the season, 


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Courtney said...

Every year we head out to select a new ornament (each of us), usually the weekend after Thanksgiving when we put up our tree. I try to get an ornament that is symbolic to that year. This year, my ornament was a hound dog--as we are now "dog people".

Merry Christmas!