Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February, the new January

I think I'll change New Year's Day to February 1st.

A month ago I was definitely not ready to think about fresh starts. Especially since our holiday celebrations ran into the second week of January, the last thing on my mind was resolutions and restarting schedules. I still had gift lists and grocery shopping to do.

Just catching up after a week of stomach flu over the holidays left us all a little off kilter and I had no thought of a brand new me for a brand new year.

Now, a month later, on the other hand, I'm raring to go.

A vacation to the land of warmth and sunshine recently behind me, I feel invigorated to get on track. Setting schedules (or resetting), spit-shining some of our school goals that have lost their luster, taking a new look at my health and fitness, setting the alarm to make sure I get my quiet time in, and getting a handle on our budget.

It's a lot to take on, but February is the new January for me.

Did you make resolutions a month ago? Back before the lull of eggnog and hypnosis of Christmas lights wore off? Want a do-over?

I'm starting fresh.

Signed up for Sparkpeople (again . . .)
Got the excel sheets ready for the expenses (thanks to my husband)
Had the sit-down with the kids about manners today (ugh! Don't get me started.)
New devotional out and ready to go.
And, printed out the assignment sheets for the next couple weeks.

It's going to be a good year. I can feel it.

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