Thursday, September 22, 2011

Read aloud challenge

One of my very favorite times in homeschooling is read aloud time. The time when we all set aside whatever else we may have on our plate at the moment and just relax and listen. Well, I read, but everyone else just listens.

Just last week I spoke with a homeschool mom about how this is a hard part of homeschooling to give up as our oldest kids now move into high school. There are still times when all 6 of them gather around, but sometimes now it is just 4 or 5. I feel like I'm missing someone already.

Each week I have read and loved the read aloud challenge that Debra hosts, and am finally finding myself with time to post our books this week. So thankful for that.

So, here's what you'll find in our book basket this week . . .

Streams to the River, River to the Sea -- a book my older kids and I read for the American Literature class at co-op. Following the story of Sacagawea from her home to her eventual place on the Lewis and Clark adventure. Great story, great author (Scott O'Dell), and also a great accompaniment to our next read aloud . . .

Indian Captive: The Story of Mary JemisonIndian Captive -- The true story of Mary Jemison. A sad story of a girl taken from her home in an Indian raid to replace a family member killed by white settlers. She grudgingly adapts to Indian life and reluctantly finds herself learning the language and customs of the Seneca people who raise her. The story makes me sad, but has great learning points about Indian customs and religion. My daughter got impatient waiting for the end and after the first chapter carried the book away to her room and finished it in two days. She still listens in as we read aloud because she enjoyed the story so much.

Walk the Worlds Rim

Walk the World's Rim -- yes, another story about Native Americans. This one takes place in the 1500s in the Southwest, so a completely different take on things. My kids felt this story dragged a bit in the beginning, but they have enjoyed parts of it. They listen quietly, so at least it isn't boring them. It follows the journey of three men from Spain and their African slave as they travel from Indian tribes near modern day Galveston Texas, northwest, and then down into Mexico. It offers a challenging view of religion and slavery and the Indian culture as well.

Mr. Popper's Penguins (Weekly Reader Books)
Mr. Popper's Penguins -- A little more light-hearted, and a must read for any family with young kids just getting old enough to sit for a non-picture book. Nathan (6 year old) loves this for his bed time story, but he keeps sneaking it and reading ahead and moving the book mark. I can't complain. His reading ability blows me away. If you aren't familiar with this book, it drops an antarctic penguin into middle class America and turns a painter into a showman with a dozen penguins. We love how he turns his basement into an ice rink and training ground and enjoys a complete change of pace from his rather ordinary life.

That covers the bulk of our read alouds right now. So much good stuff out there! What are you reading?

Head on over to Footprints in the Butter to share and find some inspiration.


Michelle Smith said...

Erin, you've posted some good books. We've only read two of them, though. I should write the others down for the next time we hit that period of American history.

Courtney said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I just requested several books from our library, but titles escape me now. Books on pilgrims to America, and a Japanese legend.

On my bedside table: Somewhere More Holy, and Fresh Start.

6intow said...

Thanks, Michelle, most are from our Sonlight Core 100 that we are doing. They always have great books in their cores. :)

Courtney,I didn't list what I am reading, but should add that in here . . . 1000 gifts (almost done!) and starting "What is He Thinking??" to then go through with my daughter. I'm looking for my next read, so I will have to look into the ones you mentioned. What are your thoughts so far on Somewhere More Holy and Fresh Start?

Thank you! ~Erin

Debra said...

Oh, wow...

Someone else who is reading stuff we'll be doing too!!!

We were supposed to start Core 100 this week, but decided to put it off another week. Too much other junk to deal with.

We've read Walk the World's Rim...and it is very slow starting, but it does really pick up. And it is one that makes Mom cry, at least in this house.

Thanks for joining in. Sorry I was so slow in commenting...