Tuesday, August 24, 2010

wfmw -- book reviews

I love a good book. The problem is finding one.

I also love reading good books to my kids, but sometimes we find ourselves knee deep in a great plot, only to discover that it isn't really so great. The main character displays less than honorable character, the relationships take on a physical focus, violence flares, the language needs editing, and I either find myself editing out parts as I read (or fast forwarding the audio CD) for the kids or wrapping up the book early.

Now, there is a solution. The Book Guardians has started a book review website to evaluate books based on 10 key areas that parents might want to be made aware of before reading a book or handing it to their child to read. Another homeschool mom had the great idea for this site, and I'm just one of many working to help out parents looking for a good read for their children.

The site is just getting going, but you will want to return as time goes by and watch the list grow as you look for more great books to unashamedly recommend to your kids.

Handing my kids a book I know I can trust, definitely works for me.


Bonni said...

Thanks for the info! I could use that site!

amy in peru said...

VERY good idea! :)

amy in peru

ps. I'm just now getting around to replying to comments from over the last 2 months! so, feel loved :)

Rodna said...

Hey there! It's Rodna (Very Blessed Mamma) just stoping by all of the sites of the ladies on the crew!
Your blog kind of looks like mine! HEE!!!
I love the way you promoted the new site! Thanks for doing this with me!
It is growing!!!