Thursday, July 8, 2010


Posted this over on my homeschool network website, but had to include it here as well.

Keeping things light for the summer months? Here is a great video that will tackle Bible time and science all in one, and leave you in awe in the process.

Thanks to Michelle and her daughter for sending this my way.

It will take a few minutes of your time, but will give you a glimpse of how microbiology can show God's work in the details. Teaching my children to trust and obey Christ is an integral part of my homeschool, and to "stumble" on something like this, helps tie it all together.


Rachel Joy said...

My boys thought this was really cool but the best was the lightbulb moment for my dd who is 5 We are teaching our kids to use discernment regarding "science"-dd heard the speaker, with His Bible, make the correlation with scripture and excitedly she said, "This is true, Mom!" This, to me, is one of the main reasons we HS. Thanks for sharing this!

Terri said...

Thanks so much for your comments. :) I had a few minutes to look around your blog and I just love it! This particular post is terrific. Have a wonderful day!