Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WFMW -- Summer activity plans

While setting goals gave us some purpose this summer, it still doesn't fill a day.

So, here is some of what we have found to keep a houseful of yunguns entertained, or at least occupied.

Cooking -- We have made things that we don't usually have time for (like soft pretzels) and tried new recipes. This has been a great time for enjoying old favorites and finding some new ones.

The Big Clean -- Spring cleaning doesn't seem to work around here at least for very long. So, summer is a great time to get some more serious cleaning done. We try to tackle one relatively big job each day, but realistically if we hit two a week I'm happy. Scrubbing floors, cleaning out drawers and closets, decluttering -- lots of stuff that doesn't get budgeted into the typical homeschool schedule.

Play dates -- Once or twice a week we have found time to get together with friends. We didn't need to wait for math lessons to be done. We could just pick a day, check the weather forecast, and make some plans. Loving that flexibility.

School -- Yes, we do still do school. Silent reading, Bible time, a few math and writing lessons peppered in here and there. Definitely not a heavy schedule, but enough to make me feel like we are doing something, but not so much that the kids groan (at least very loudly).

VBS -- I have almost considered checking out other area churches' VBS programs because my kids have such a blast at VBS and I know lots of churches really go out of their way to put on a good program for that one week. But, so far we haven't. We did have an over-the-top fun week at our church's High 5 (VBS) a couple weeks ago. The kids are still talking about it. And, I have loads of pictures that I meant to get in a blog post, but it has yet to happen.

Sewing -- My mom left the older four with the summer project of sewing the backing on their quilts. She got the started and gave them all the instruction they need, so now they just need to get bored enough that they get it finished ;)

Crafts -- My daughters absolutely LOVE crafts. So, at least once a week they search their favorite sites for some inspiration (another blog post in the making here). They have made foam flowers, origami, friendship bracelets, and a few other odds and ends of crafts, all from supplies we have around and ideas found on the internet.

Baseball -- Like it or not, this is still taking up our summer. I am thrilled that my son made the All Star team, but it does mean that we still get to "enjoy" baseball a few times each week. He's loving it, and it keeps him outside and active, so I like that, too.

Make your own list -- My kids made a list of other miscellaneous ideas and projects that they wanted to accomplish this summer and when "I'm bored" begins to erupt, we pull out the list. Then, they find enough to keep busy as they build forts, put up the little tent, paint, swim, play with Legos, etc.

With all this to do each week, this summer is almost going too quickly. But, at least that means we are having fun. And that works for me.

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