Friday, April 3, 2015

The Silver Lining

Looking for joy in the times of challenge. Cultivating that grateful heart.

It's a lifelong process and one that progresses at the rate of rock climbing rather than strides on a treadmill.

And yet, as God teaches, and opens my eyes more each day, the gratitude springs up in unexpected places.

Grateful this week for . . .

  • Free antibiotics at Meijer pharmacy
  • A simple ear infection and clear lungs
  • Flexible older kids that can wait while I drop them here and there and drive back and forth to get everyone where they need to be, usually for longer than they need to be there
  • A letter for 17% off that arrives the day before we take our car in for $2k worth of repairs
  • Sleep, in uninterrupted chunks of time
  • The quiet snuggles of a fevery child
  • Spring break for many around us so the doctor had lots of appointments available
  • A steady job that provides insurance and income for our family
  • Daily homeschool flexibility that allows school to somehow stay on track despite fevers and earaches and meetings and schedules and red-eyes and energy-zapping illness

And, above all, thankful for a Savior that endured the cross on my behalf, not looking at the pain and agony of the moment, but lifting His eyes to the greater prize, the greater love, the greater purpose, He finished well.

As my not-much-longer-to-be four year old says, "Happy Great Friday!"

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