Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jesus' consistency, our random responses

John 18 and Luke 22 pressed out my thoughts today . . . 

Peter, so like me I have to chuckle at times.

Jesus says, "I am He."

Peter (what was he thinking?) lunges with his sword drawn and slices the ear of the nearest bystander. I'm sure the High Priest's servant was posing the greatest threat to Jesus at the time.

Irrational. Not well thought out. Emotional response in the wake of Christ's level headed interaction.

Christ had surrendered already. Not in defeat, but in submission. Did Satan think he had won?

Looking back at Christ's words exchanged with Judas and 600 or so of his closest friends, His holiness is magnified in this dark moment.

"Whom do you seek?"

"I AM"

"So, if you seek me, let these men go." Is there any doubt who was really in charge?

"Shall I not drink the cup that the Father has given me?"

He had already wrestled. It wasn't an easy surrender, but He lay down His will fully to do what needed to be done to save me.

Remember what Peter had been doing? Remember Christ's warning? Peter fell asleep. Christ said, "Don't" twice. His reason -- pray so you don't fall into temptation.

What Peter needed to set him straight was time in wrestling then surrendered pray.

I'd rather sleep, or lay in bed worrying. How much sense does that make?

Wrestle, surrender. Follow in peace. Of course, that doesn't mean the road ahead offers smooth passage. The cross lay just around the corner for Jesus Christ.

Peter still floundered. "No, I don't know Him." Cursing. Denying. Emotionally distraught confused.

I can't imagine watching the world I had lived and loved for three miraculous years seemingly fall apart.

Later he would wrestle. With Christ's questions on the beach. With his own guilt.

And, God still used him, powerfully. A broken pot like me. An irrational human that gets stuck in the here and now.

Father God, help me to wrestle with You and surrender instead of worrying and reacting. Thank you for your forgiving love and using even me. ~Amen

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