Thursday, February 13, 2014

nudged to write

Funny to sit down to write after nearly a year of not.

Don't know if anyone will read it, since last I wrote Google Reader was still active.

But, I don't write for others, I largely write for myself. To capture a thought, an experience, a season.

Life is full to overflowing these days. Teaching, teaching, loving, growing, stretching, serving, cleaning (not enough), and worshiping, always worshiping.

High school graduation is mercifully still a year away for our oldest. So many exciting changes though as adulthood comes calling. Jobs, driving, college majors, serious volunteer work. Such a man he has become.

Number 2 has an inch on me, but seems to be leveling out. She's amazing and sweet and gentle, and so much of what I need in my home and life. Catch myself glancing at this other woman in my home. So quickly she appeared.

Faith brings the needed emotion and energy to our home. Always has. Something unique about third children. So full of life and love. Passionate about animals, friends, serving Christ, and whatever else may capture her fancy.

Our fourth reached double digits this past year. A ready smile and determined spirit. She works harder than the rest of the house put together. Growing friendships and enjoying physical activity in all shapes and sizes.

Nathan is the character. He shines a little brighter with a camera rolling. Always lots to say and discover. Growing too fast and finding lots of trouble in the process.

And, my sweet little bonus baby. Already a preschooler. Learning sounds and numbers. Stretching my patience with his energy and curiosity. Loves being read to and snuggled with and always says something to make me laugh when he is on one of his infamous "spy missions."Only God knew what a blessing he would be to our not yet complete family.

Yes, life is wonderfully, splendidly full of life. God is good and has moved me through a time of treasuring his gentleness to a new season of marveling anew at his mightiness.

Maybe I'll be back. I kind of like this writing thing.

In His Mighty Grip,


Courtney said...

Aww, where's the "like" button? Missed you!

Rachel said...

Glad you're back:)