Thursday, January 3, 2013

A fresh list for gratitude

On rosy days thank-you's flow freely.

Cleaning toilets, brewing soothing tea, nursing fevers sometimes creates a different picture, a different attitude.

And yet, as I sit back and reflect on a brief spat with the flu I find new fuel for thanksgiving:

- amazing immune systems as Brooke and Paige remain healthy
- bathroom garbage can liners (so thankful for these)
- sanitizing wipes
- hydrating lotion
- flexible friends
- a tireless husband home for a paid holiday on my sickest day
- kids that are old enough to throw up in more easily cleanable places
- time to rest and rebuild
- quick forced change of schedule (I'd been wanting to get back into an earlier bedtime, and this made it effortless!)
- help with my resolve to avoid sweets as I had no craving of any kind for those sometime challenging first few days
- extra snuggly kids
- homeschooling flexibility (get ahead with the healthy ones now, allowing extra catch up time later with the sick ones)
- 9 year olds that can get the laundry done
- gentle sympathy between siblings
- Nintendo DS (only the flu would have made me say that)
- night lights
- extra mattresses
- Berry Well
- Puffs
- books, picture books, library books, chapter books
- soft pillows
- quiet footsteps
- health

The list could continue, and I realize again that our gratitude should never be blinded by our situation. There is always something new to be thankful for.

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