Monday, September 24, 2012

Choosing Joy

Lately I've been posting oodles of my younger boys' funny antics and expressions on Facebook. It seems hardly a day passes without true belly laughs over something they say or do.

While visiting with my siblings and parents this weekend one of my sisters asked if we were so funny as kids. My dad thought a bit and said, "Oh yeah, you were pretty funny."

But, time passes and you forget.

Life gets serious. Sorrows multiply. Important matters surface. Smiles get scarce.

Well, not all smiles disappear. Most adults are pretty good at the artificial "so good to see you" smiles that greet us everywhere from Walmart to the church lobby.

A child can remind you how to genuinely laugh. Set aside the cares of the world and giggle a bit.

My precious Eli smiles with his whole face until his eyes turn into half moons and you can't help but smile along even if the source of his mirth makes no sense to anyone over 3.

Even when the adult in me can think of nothing humorous about the day, they choose joy and fill our house with its echos.

I have the choice of where to put my focus each day, and gratefully I have a 2 year old theologian that reminds me often of my God that kept his eyes on the joy even in the midst of incredible heartache.

Choosing joy, again today. How could I refuse those eyes anyway?

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Courtney said...

Children are such a blessing. I agree with you--even though my baby is 5 now, she says the dearest things to make me laugh or warm my heart.