Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Walk with Him Wednesdays

As a child I learned “thank you” quickly. I remember the comments about what a polite young lady I was as I sat at the breakfast following the Easter sunrise service. “Thank you” became an automatic response. Yes, good manners, even a sign of good character, but not necessarily godliness.

Sometimes I want to be thankful for things, but leave a little sting with it . . .

  • For insurance that pays the bills, most of the time.
  • For kids that obey with a smile, when reminded.
  • For the beautiful weather, that could be just a few degrees cooler.
  • For food to eat, even if the kids don’t like it again.

The kids have really grown adept at this, giving thanks for all their siblings by name, except one. Where did they learn to give thanks and spite at the same time? Oh yeah, me.

True gratitude doesn’t come with conditions or exceptions. In rereading the story of the leper that returned alone to thank Jesus, his attitude struck me this time.

Shouting, falling on his face.

He didn’t say, “Thanks for making me clean, finally.” He overflowed with gratitude. He couldn’t use just an inside voice to explode the good news.

Father God, please purify my gratitude. Flush out the left over tidbits of discontentment and comparison. Help my eyes to see only your blessing and respond with pure thankfulness for what you have done.

1000 Gifts . . .

11. A husband who works tirelessly both on the job and at home.

12. Leftovers for lunch. Everyone gets their favorite.

13. Team sports and hard lessons learned

14. Faith’s, “I need something” – always a hug

15. Brooke’s snuggles

16. Paige’s thoughtful questions and observations

17. Blake’s wit and incredibly analytical mind

18. Nathan’s character and flair for comedic drama

19. Eli’s absolutely contagious giggle.

20. Snapping timed pictures, cheek-to-cheek with my favorite 6 year old

21. Willing helpers

22. Sisters singing together while they play

23. Techy kindergarteners

24. Sermons that deliver just what I hungered for

25. Whispers of summer in the air

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