Saturday, November 26, 2011


We have survived and really enjoyed our very first full experience with a co-op. Each of the kids learned so much, made new friends, and had a wonderful start to each new school week.

Here we are at the holiday break and I have been busy with holiday planning, but also with school planning. I have revamped our PE plans, which I will have to share another time. I am very excited about putting it all into practice. I also tweaked our daily schedule and posted the revised one.

Now, I need to work on assignment sheets and make sure all the grades have been entered for our first trimester. In doing this I am also thinking ahead to the rest of the year.

I have some areas that I see need a little more attention, and so I have set myself some goals. For me, writing them down make them more real and make me feel a greater commitment to follow through.

So, here they are, some of my goals for the upcoming part of the school year.

Goals for mid-section of this school year:

- Spend more time with Faith on AAS
- Work with Nathan on pencil grip and handwriting
- Check on assignment sheets daily
- Get grades in computer weekly
- More hands on (once a week) and field trips (once a month)

How about you? How is your school year going? Are you re-evaluating anything? Any fresh goals or areas that you want to hone in on? I try to never be complacent, but always refocusing as a parent and teacher.

Love that homeschooling gives me the freedom to be what my kids need me to be even if that changes every couple weeks.

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