Sunday, August 14, 2011

Verse of the Week -- Exodus 14:14

Silent, still, patient.

Not the way I like to prepare. I like lists and check marks, and crossing things off. I enjoy brainstorming and planning and fitting together and researching. I prefer to share discoveries, hover over materials, read voraciously, and get everything on paper.

This week I prepare for battle once again. A battle for my children's souls and minds. As the new school year awaits us in just a couple weeks I feel the weight of all we must accomplish and I feel the drive to get busy.

Then Exodus comes along and God prods me with these words, "The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent."


How can I be silent and be ready on time?

How can I sit still and get everything in order?

How can I hold my peace and convince my kids of the need for them to really dig into all these great new materials?

Silent? Really?

Can you feel the hush that comes? The calm that comes when we stop striving and start listening. When we tune out everything but Him. When Jesus Christ calms us to the core of our being and takes control better than we ever could.

Often my quietness only comes when I am about to fall asleep. Other times when the house is quiet I am in high gear making the most of the lack of interruptions as the family sleeps in. That's not what God means. He doesn't mean quiet around me and He doesn't mean the stillness of sleep.

The stillness of surrender.

All to Him. The plans, the needs, the checklists, the kids, the classes, the housework, the schedules. All of it.

Lord, You can have it all. I humbly wait in stillness as you fight this for me. I can never master it or conquer it in my own wisdom or strength. Thank you, Lord, for fighting on my behalf for the battle threatens to overwhelm. I will be still. Thank you that that's all I have to do, because most days that is hard enough. In Jesus name, Amen.

The LORD will fight for you,
and you have only to be silent.

~Exodus 14:14~

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