Monday, June 13, 2011

Good to be back

Aaaaahhhhh. It's been a long time. A good break, a busy break, a needed break. And, one I have been itching to get to the end of.

Here I am. School wrapped up, vacation Bible school already behind us, still in a season of major change in our family. In the past 15 months we have had 5 members of our immediate families move, one of them twice. We have moved (after putting in quite a bit of work into our new home). We welcomed a new little one into our family. And, we found out that my husband's job of 12 1/2 years would end this summer. So, yes we are in the midst of yet another major change.

Emotional? Stressful? Yeah, you could say that. A new chapter in learning to rely on God's grace and strength each and everyday? Absolutely. Prayer has become an even stronger cornerstone of my daily life. Without prayer and God's Word I would surely have fallen completely. However, He has always proved Himself enough, and then a little more.

As my pastor likes to say, "God is never late, but He is also hardly every early."

Writing here once again is something I look forward to in many ways, and I have thought much about what this will look like. I look forward to sharing what God is teaching me spiritually, as there is always something new. I also enjoy sharing the special moments from my kids' lives that make me laugh or keep me loving my job as Mom. And, as homeschooling continues to play a lead role in our home, you will often see posts about our experiences as we learn together as well.

You might find an occasional review here, but not many. Mostly, I will continue to write about my life of delighting in the richness with which God blesses me as a Christian, a wife, and a mom.

Can't wait to get started, again. :)


Courtney said...

I don't know how I missed this post. It was probably around the time our house went under contract, and I lost a good two weeks of life in that transition.

Glad to have you back blogging ... and looking forward to hearing of how God is working in your life through all of these changes and challenges.

Keeping you in my prayers!


6intow said...


You didn't miss it. I forgot to change the date on the post. I started it on that date . . . and then decided I should just wait until my summer craziness had kind of wrapped up before really trying to fit this in my schedule again.

And, I'm sure you will lose more weeks of your life as you continue this transition. ;)

It is so good to be back. :)

Thank you!